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Playing Child
Hoetger, Bernhard

Playing Child

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Bernhard Hoetger

1874 Hörde – 1949 Interlaken

In 1900, Bernhard Hoetger, a student at the Düsseldorf Academy, went on an excursion to the Paris World Exhibition. The encounter with the artworks by Auguste Rodin became a key experience for the young sculptor, who spontaneously decided to continue his studies in the French art metropolis. There Hoetger met the influential art writer and art dealer Julius Meier-Graefe, who runs the avant-garde gallery La maison modern. Meier-Graefe took Hoetger under contract and initiated the casting of his sculptures in bronze, which he also offered at his gallery. A little later Hoetger achieved great fame among foreign artists in Paris. The highlight of his time in Paris was an exhibition of 50 bronzes, which were shown in 1905 in the showrooms of the Blot foundry, together with works by Camille Claudel, the lover and pupil of Auguste Rodin. In 1907 the Musée du Luxembourg (now the Musée d’Orsay) acquired a female torso by Hoetger, who returned to Germany in 1909 and became one of the most important German sculptors of early modernism.