Corinth, Lovis

Oil on canvas
87 : 63 cm
Signed top left corner

– Dr. Oscar Pinner, Frankfurt am Main
– Anna Pinner (widow of Dr. Oscar Pinner, deceased in 1928), who was forced to emigrate to London in 1938. The painting was left behind in Frankfurt as removal property.
– Kunsthandel Wilhelm Ettle, Frankfurt am Main, unlawfully obtained from Anna Pinner’s removal property after 1938
– Wiesbaden Collecting Point, between 1945 and 1952, 1953 again to Wilhelm Ettle
– Private collection, Germany
– Kunsthaus Bühler (1983 at the latest), Stuttgart
– Private collection (since 1995), Germany

Note: In 2013, the previous owner and the members of the Pinner joint heirship reached an amicable agreement in the form of a settlement to avoid legal disputes and to conclusively settle return claims by taking into account the historical circumstances and in compliance with the principles of the Washington Declaration

– Carl Georg Heise: Lovis Corinth. Bildnisse der Frau des Künstlers. Erinnerungen an die Entstehung der Bilder von Charlotte Berend-Corinth. Stuttgart
1958, p. 23, no. 7
– Charlotte Berend-Corinth: Die Gemälde von Lovis Corinth. Munich 1958, p. 97, no. 342.

– Memorial Exhibition Lovis Corinth. National Gallery Berlin 1926, No. 13
– Lovis Corinth. Memorial Exhibition. Sächsischer Kunstverein Dresden 1927, No.4
– Lovis Corinth. Museum Folkwang Essen, Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung Munich, 1985/1986
– Künstler in Deutschland 1900-1945. Individualismus und Tradition. Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, 1986
– Lovis Corinth. Haus der Kunst Munich, National Gallery Berlin, The Saint Louis Art Museum Saint Louis, Tate Gallery London, 1996/1997

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