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Johann Vierthaler - Haubentaucher
Vierthaler, Johann

Crested Grebe

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Johann Vierthaler

1869 München – 1957 Holzhausen

After an apprenticeship as a chaser at the Munich School of Applied Arts in 1894/95, Vierthaler studied sculpture at the Munich Academy from 1895 to 1900. Regular participation in exhibitions at the Munich Glaspalast and solo exhibitions at the Modern Art Shop of Franz J. Brakl brought him soon national fame. He was particularly popular because of his small bronzes, most of which he made himself. The typical Munich Art Nouveau feeling for movement and elegant line dominates the expression of his works. Especially Vierthaler’s close observation of the anatomy as well as his intense rendering of typical postures define the animal sculpture “Crested Grebe”. In its elegance it is comparable to French Art Déco bronzes of the 1920s.