Stuck, Franz von
Faun and mermaid

Painted plaster
15 : 52 cm
Signed upper right

Further copies are exhibited in the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the Villa Stuck in Munich as well as the Kunsthaus Zurich.

– Estate of Franz von Stuck
– In the 1940s, Mary Stuck gave it as a gift to the painter Friedolin Kleinhans
– Community of heirs Friedolin Kleinhans
– Private property

Thomas Raff: “The strength of man and the soft pliability of woman” – Franz von Stuck: Das plastische Werk, Tettenweis 2011, ill. 24

In 1901/1902 Franz von Stuck integrated a colored version of the plaster relief into his altar of Sin in the Villa Stuck. The current reconstruction of the altar shows the attachment above the Roman children’s head.



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